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Fence Protector Staining & Sealing professionally applies high quality stains & sealants to protect and preserve your fence and other wooden surfaces.  In addition to being beautiful to look at, the staining & sealing process saves you money and the unnecessary aggravation of seeing your wood splinter and break every few years.


Free Consultation

Contact us to schedule a convenient time for a FREE consultation with a member of the Fence Protector team. During the consultation, we will assess the wooden surfaces that you would like to protect and discuss how we can ensure the protection of your plants, home, and anything else nearby. Afterwards, we’ll provide you with an estimate for your project.

Stain Selection

When you decided to move forward with the project, we will call you to discuss the time frame and to confirm your desired stain color.

Prep & Clean

Depending on the condition of the wooden surfaces we’re going to stain and protect  for you, we will perform a very through cleaning. We’ll also prep your plants, home, and anything else nearby that shouldn’t be stained.

Stain & Protect

Our next step is to saturate the surface of clean lumber with the stain color of your choice. The stain penetrates into the substrate and leaves your fence, deck, playground, etc with an even, uniform coating.

Clean up & Let you Enjoy

After your project is completed, our staff will clean up so that you can enjoy your beautifully stained wooden surfaces for years to come.

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