Enjoy the Same Look with Energy Efficient Benefits

(View LED VS Halogen Infographic )

Landscape Lighting technology has improved in multiple areas over the last 10 years. The use of halogen lamps was once the Landscape Lighting Designer preferred choice for illumination but LED lamps have introduced a new world of light. LED is the preferred choice and provides the following benefits:

High Efficiency : Switching to LED from halogen will save up to 85% in energy consumption.

Enhanced Lighting Effect : LED bulbs offer better illumination and control of beam spread. LED bulbs also provide the option of multi-colored lighting within in bulb.

Longer Bulb Life : LED bulbs are required to have a 3-year warranty. Many LED bulbs will last over 30,000 hours. Halogen bulbs do not have have warranties and last approximately 2,500 hours. (All LED bulbs installed by Fence Protector carries a 15 year warranty.)

Savings : Over time, the energy savings will pay for the upfront investment.

Switching from a LED landscape lighting system can be cost effective depending on the age and type of fixtures attached to your system. Older fixtures will need to be upgraded, but we will take all steps possible to work with the fixtures currently installed before installing new fixtures. Due to this complexity, we offer free LED Conversion Assessments . When you schedule a LED Conversion Assessment with Fence Protector, we will evaluate your current landscape lighting system and work with you to plan the retrofitting to LED.

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