Create Lasting Memories

We at Fence Protector understand the pride and value from completing a job yourself. Stepping back and looking at your complete project with your chest lifted, not to mention the bragging rights. That is why we decided to help out your inner D.I.Y. spirit by offering the same stain we use on our projects.

This isn’t your everyday hardware store staining and landscape lighting products. Why is that, you ask? Many products purchased at hardware stores are manufactured and priced to sell as many units as possible. When you factor in your time spent driving, shopping, planning, and reworking your projects sooner than necessary, the costs to purchase bargain products adds up.

Our goal is to provide you with quality products and reasonable prices so that you get the results you want that will last. Not only will we sell you the products to get professional grade results, but we also offer on-site consultation to help ensure your project is designed and installed properly.

Exclusive to Little Rock Metro (Pulaski County and Saline County), we offer professional grade wood stain and brass cast landscape lighting products without shipping fees. All products are delivered directly to you after a brief, free consultation (in person or over the telephone) to ensure all of your needs are correctly fulfilled.